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Priory Primary School _ Bodenham Arboretum Trip .


From the planning stages to the day of the trip, the school have been thrilled with the attention to detail and the willingness to help shown by the Arboretum and The World Outside. Owing to the size of the year 5 and 6 classes there are few places willing to take on such a large group of children. Added to this were the special need requirements of a number of children.

The five year 5 and 6 classes had been learning about environments. We were able to give the Arboretum and Mrs S Hill the objectives we wished to achieve and they were able to tailor the activities to these objectives. The activities were also age appropriate and engaging to all pupils.

The risk assessment completed by The World Outside was comprehensive and informative. This then enabled  the school to complete the statutory authority risk assessment and the individual risk assessments of the children with specific physical needs.

On the days of the trips the children were excited by the activities they took a part in. They all loved den building and the freedom to explore their natural environment. Most asked if they could go again the next day! The learning environment was new to the children but they embraced the challenges and could all talk about what they had learned. For many the highlight was being able to see and touch the animals; something many had not had the opportunity to do before.

Some of the children who went on the trip, find learning in the classroom very difficult. One child in particular had been on a reduced timetable and had been in an intervention group prior to the trip. At school we had been struggling to engage this child. Whilst at the Arboretum he calmed down and listened to the instructions given. He then realised that he was allowed to build his own den, pond dip and roam the arboretum without being confined by walls. He touched a donkey and stood in awe of the creature.  He could not stop talking about the trip and was praised by staff for his excellent behaviour and the interest he had shown. He was able to produce some written and art work based on his experiences. A real breakthrough!

The staff and pupils cannot thank the Arboretum and The World Outside enough! We will certainly be organising another trip and have encouraged all year groups to consider a trip too!

Mrs Clare Stockford

Year 5 Class Teacher and Trip organiser.

Wren's Nest Primary School - 1 day visit general forest school


Our visit to The World Outside Forest School was unforgettable! The children (and staff) had a fantastic time. The children were able to experience several activities in a natural yet safe environment. The day was action packed, with non-stop fun! We went pond dipping, mini-beast hunting and into the forest school, which was full of activities to keep the children entertained for hours. From mud pies to den making, campfires to making dream catchers, the children were able to experience lots of new things which will they will remember for a very long time. We will definately be visiting again! Debs and Sandra were also exceptional leaders. They were kind, understanding and organised. The children felt safe and at ease around them. I cannot recommend this experience enough! With 60 boisterous Year 3 children, trips are no mean feat, but today was brilliant for all! Thank you very much!


                                                                                                           Melissa Wyer, Year 3 teacher, Wren's Nest Primary School.


St Catherines Primary School, Kidderminster - Year 3 and 4 Native American Theme .


Years 3 and 4 pupils, from St. Catherine’s C.E. Primary School, visited Bodenham Arboretum to support and enrich a KS2 project based on North America. Right from putting dates in the diary Sandra endeavoured to ensure that she planned and delivered a unique and fulfilling experience for the children. She listened to all of our ideas and then made them work brilliantly in a forest school context.


The day was really enjoyable and most worthwhile. The sessions were full but the children were also free to guide their own learning and experiences; they were motivated to challenge themselves and worked well as teams. The day covered so many valuable learning skills and

provided a wide range of learning opportunities which appealed to everyone.


Almost every child described the day as the best trip they had ever been on and I know that the adults loved it too! Thank you Sandra.


Mrs. Sarah Powers, Headteacher, St Catherines Prinary School, Kidderminster

Teacher Training Days

"We took our Nursery classes to The World Outside as part of our topic on 'Growing'. Sandra organised and tailored a wide range of activities that perfectly suited  their age ranges and the children were all fully engaged throughout the day.

Sandra had a lovely nature with the children that gained their interest and engagement  from the off and many came away from the day able to name and identify different plants and trees, which we were very impressed with!

The children thoroughly enjoyed having the freedom to explore outdoors whilst being in a safe and secure environment that was monitored and thoroughly risk-assessed by Sandra.

The whole experience was highly enjoyable for both staff and children and I would definitely recommend The World Outside to other colleagues. We will definitely be returning!

Mrs Fox

Comberton Nursery"

General Terms and Conditions School and Group Specific Terms and Conditions

We love visiting you at the arboretum with Yr3! Our school trips generally have to be very structured with a lot of input from staff. It is so lovely for the boys to have the freedom in the forest school particularly, without us interfering. Having visited for several years now, it is always interesting to see what the favourite activity will be. You always manage to add in something new though so the staff don’t get bored! This year the dens were a big hit, along with the flint and stone and cooking over the fire. My own son who is about to go into Yr6 still ranks your trip as one of his favourites!      


Alison Hougton

Westhouse Preparatory School

Our annual school trip to Bodenham Arboretum was, yet again, fantastic. The whole experience was excellent from start to finish. Sandra and her colleagues are always very flexible and accommodate our needs superbly. The visit really enhanced our science programme of study and the children loved being in the great outdoors with lots and lots of hands on fun! A stress free trip with a great programme of activities! We look forward to visiting again next year.


Gail Evans

Year 2 leader

Franche Community Primary School

Vikings In the Style of... Traditional Story


The World Outside is set within the beautiful surroundings of Bodenham Farm and Arboretum which lends itself perfectly to curriculum linked activities…


All key stages are catered for with experiential learning, developing inquisitive and positive relationships within the natural environment.  


Through bespoke sessions and regular events everyone can learn, play and get close to nature in a fun and interactive way, whilst building confidence and self-esteem.


Risk assessments are provided in advance along with a programme outlining your day and the curriculum links, together with the expected learning outcomes – all downloadable below.


Teachers are also invited to come along to the atboretum to carry out their own risk assessments prior to their visit


We can cater for up to 120 pupils, for a half day of activities when combined with a self guided our of the arboretum and upto 60 pupils for a full day of activities lead by a forest school leader


You can  enhance your visit to  the arboretum with a 1 hour guided tour of the arboretum and farm at the start of your visit with the owner or one of our leaders




Pricing per a child starts at £8.00 for a four to five hour forest school experience

Enhance your visit with an Arboretum Tour and visit as well as a Forest School session.

Minimum charges apply for forest school experience.

Please note that you do not need to pay entry to the Arboretum to attend Forest School but attendance at forest school does not permit entry to the Arboretum



Your Forest school leaders are:

OCN Level 3 trained by Bishops Wood Environmental Centre in Worcestershire and Achimedes.

Experienced in working with children.

Insured and hold an Enhanced DBS

Qualified in paediatric first aid



Activities can include:

•Fire lighting and cooking on fire

•Natural Art

•Team Building

•Problem solving

•Mud Kitchen

•Den Building

•Mini beast hunts

•Pond dipping

•Stream damming

•Natural Art and much more...



Themed Days / Sessions may include: -

Into the Woods

The Vikings

Native Americans

Traditional Stories


In to the woods


Iron Age

Faries and Fantasy

Witches and Wizards

World Wars


In the style of..

This list is not exhaustive and we are happy to  develop a programme to meet the needs of your group



To arrange / discuss a curriculum linked visit, please contact us…..


Click here to drop us an email! Stone Age 1 Primary Schools Dragons Dinosaurs and Myths Pond dipping Sample Teachers Pack - Native America