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Forest School? My children do that, am I going to have to hunt for bugs!?


Only if you want to…


People need to have fun outside of the office environment, but there is a common misunderstanding of ‘fun’ if paintballing and the like are still being sold as "Team Building Seminars."  We also recognise that while the ‘Corporate Away Day’ may be seen as a ‘fun day out’ for your staff, you need to be sure that the business cost is offset by the value.


With The World Outside you and your team take part in carefully planned team building exercises, based on a fundamental understanding of learning theory, human psychology and practical skills experience.


We offer an experience where participants can gain real insight into their own identities and those of their colleagues. Not all of us embrace or respond to change easily (however inevitable we know it to be in our workplaces!) Understanding each other, how to best communicate as a team and 1on1 facilitates the realisation that differing habits and methods are what make your team strong, not a source of unnecessary conflict.


The traditional methodology of ‘team building’ just doesn't cut it anymore. Those tired old games, labels and personality typing are of limited value when dealing with the stresses and pressures you navigate every day in your workplace. People must think on their feet, be flexible, and understand who on their team can bring what skills and attributes in real terms.


The sessions we have put together will give participants more than the average fun team building session - they will take away with them real and tangible skills to use every day and a deeper understanding of themselves and each other, perhaps even things they didn’t expect.


So no bugs then…


Well, your time is precious and so are you. So if you want to hunt for bugs or watch the fire or any of the other activities we will have available for you then that’s ok with us. We will create a bespoke corporate training and experience session, just for you and your team. Forest School is a Scandinavian concept which is steadily gaining popularity in the UK. We are qualified Forest School Practitioners and as such have a deep understanding of this powerful ethos. There’s more to it than just bugs & mud, we promise!


I’m too old for school…


But are you too old to play? To build a fire? To spend time in nature? To laugh? To escape the same four walls you see every day? To spend the day with a smile on your face? To eat toasted marshmallows? To learn to use a bow saw or a bill hook? To learn about yourself

and your colleagues and how to work together & HAVE FUN?


***If yes to any of the above…you REALLY need to book your session ASAP***




The Lakeside room is available for use from 8.00am until 11.30am.  Coffee and Tea will be available on arrival.  The room can be used for your briefing, meeting or conference, followed by a fun half day with our leaders enjoying team building activities.


The Arboretum has an award winning restaurant serving a full carvery lunch Wednesday to Sunday, however you may prefer the challenge of cooking your own meal on an open fire as part of your days activities.


'Fantastic, informative, relaxed, fun but with that real element of control and ensuring people were safe at all times. What was nice was the involvement and we are all in this together and done at the pace or want of the client'



'Delivery was great, set our challenges (building fired etc.) and let us get on with the task in hand – always offered to lend a hand a support at every stage. Great team of staff! '


'The day was great and would definitely do again whether as a team builder or as a general fun day for younger members of the family


Yum! – cooking the food on the fires we build was great, really good team building exercise, each team member had a job to do (cutting veg, cooking, making flat puffy bread things), quality of the food was fab, good range of veg options and sauces (curry pastes, tins of sauce etc). '


'Fantastic had really good day was very pleasantly surprised would like to go back with friends. '


'Turns out you can create a pretty tasty meal cooking it all outside on an open fire, was very nice and plenty for everyone.'


'The day was planned brilliantly, just enough time for all the activities and didn’t leave us standing around. Thank you'


'The delivery and leadership of the staff was great, I felt safe and they made me feel comfortable to ask questions '.

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